Discover the Joy of Riding

Our lessons and horsemanship offer much more than simply learning how to ride a horse! 

Here at Airy Hill Stables we focus on awareness of self and others. We see horses as the amazing teachers that they are: patient, wise, honest and forgiving. When we learn to listen to horses as much as we want them to listen to us, our whole perspective changes. 

Horses can teach us to be patient and kind while setting clear and healthy boundaries. They can teach us about teamwork and how to build trust.

They can shape us to become great leaders - those with integrity and confidence. They teach us how to be congruent with our head and our heart - and how to become aligned body, mind and spirit. 

They can challenge us to the point of tears. And they can be our greatest joys leading us to some of our proudest accomplishments.


Lessons are $50 for one hour. 

Lessons include grooming, tacking, riding and the care that follows: ~ untacking, a bit more grooming, and most often a horse cookie or two before returning your horse to his or her pasture.