Compassionate Communication


Compassionate Horsemanship starts with the practice of establishing authentic relationships with horses based on awareness, understanding and respect. It is a shift from fear to love and from dominance to cooperation. When we engage horses with understanding and compassion as our guiding principles, we have an opportunity to create a true and lasting partnership, while discovering a great deal about horses and about ourselves.

Horses teach is about ourselves. They give us feedback with every interaction. Through Compassionate Horsemanship, we gain insight about how to communicate with clarity and consistency. We learn about the importance of intention, energy and approach. Horses also help us identify where we may be lacking alignment between mind, body and soul. They help us listen and learn to ask nicely. To be gentle. To be soft and kind while holding clear boundaries.

Compassionate Horsemanship has the ability to impact how we present ourselves to the world and how the world responds in kind. As we master the art of compassion with horses, we learn how to connect more fully with them - and also with ourselves and the world around us.