Two-Hour Equine Interludes at Airy Hill Stables

Mini-Workshop Options:

1) The Power Of Connection

Enhance teamwork, leadership and trust through engaging with horses in fun and unique ways. Horses offer us their raw, unfiltered and immediate feedback with every interaction. Just how effective are we? What can we do to be more aligned? More present? More authentic?

Through a variety of games and activities, you will have multiple opportunities to hone your leadership and communication skills while cultivating trust and deepening compassion and understanding for yourself and your comrades.

2) The Wonderful World Of Horses

Whether you’re an old pro in the saddle or you have a bit of trepidation around horses, you are bound to come away from this hands-on experience with newfound appreciation for these incredible sentient beings.

Horses are highly attuned to their environments and to those within it. What can they show us about living authentically, being in the present moment, and finding our own personal truths?

3) Group Typology & Temperament Exploration - and Horses!

What are your innate temperament preferences and how do they support or challenge you personally? At home? With respect to your position within the company? How does the dynamic of your colleagues support or challenge the group efficiency / productivity / morale?

What is natural and logical for one person doesn’t necessarily translate for the next. Horses too have various personal preference and learning styles. We’ll explore what some of these differences are, how to recognize them and what tools and techniques might be most useful and effective for various scenarios.


  • All participants are required to sign a release for Airy Hill Stables, LLC.

  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own water bottle and snacks.

  • Wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear (closed-toed shoes).

  • Bring extra layers for the outdoors!

  • $50 per person.

  • We can accommodate up to 15 participants per session.