Peace in the Pasture


Sit down near us. All you need to do is sit patiently and focus on your heart.” ~ Horses, via Sandra Mendelson

One of my favorite things about horses and this farm is the quiet and nurturing energy that abounds. I invite you to come bathe in the healing sounds and sensations of nature infused with the magic of equus. Let everything else slip away for the moment, simply breathe and connect with your heart. It’s easy to do when you tune into your receptive modes and allow yourself to fully sense the space around you and within you.

Horses’ natural state of being is serenity and calm - provided their basic needs of food, shelter and companionship are met. Here at Airy Hill Stables, we pride ourselves in offering this supportive environment not only to the horses, but to us humans as well. The best news is, you don’t have to be a horse person to benefit. Just show up, grab a chair, find a nice spot to sit, and rest. It’s a surprisingly delicious experience.

The first time you join us, there is a brief safety orientation that is required; please arrive ten minutes early.

Sundays from 4:30 - 5:30pm. Gathering for selected readings or recordings about mindfulness and tea will follow 20 minutes of meditation time. 

$10 requested donation. Drop-ins welcome. Long pants and proper footwear are recommended.