Through The Eyes Of A Horse

Have you ever wished you could connect and communicate with others more easily?


Our Power of Connection workshops are based on the principles of Compassionate Horsemanship. When we engage with horses with understanding and compassion as our guiding principles, we have an opportunity to create a true and lasting partnership, while discovering a great deal about horses and ourselves.

Everything we experience in life has to do with how we present yourself to the world and how the world responds. It isn’t always easy to interact with others effectively. We sometimes find ourselves in situations where people don’t seem to “get” us. Our voices aren’t being heard, our opinions aren’t respected, or we have misunderstandings with friends, loved ones or colleagues.

Horses teach us about ourselves. They give us feedback with every interaction. We gain insight about how to communicate with clarity and consistency. We learn about the importance of energy, intention and approach. Horses also help us identify where we may be lacking alignment between body, mind, and soul.

In this program you’ll learn how to connect and engage in the world in a more authentic and effective way. Horses are amazing teachers - they provide immediate feedback before a single word is spoken. It’s as if horses are reflecting back to you what others in the world see. They do this organically, without social filters. Through your interaction with horses, you’ll gain insight as to how others may be perceiving you. You’ll discover a more complete way of communicating by aligning your energy, intention and approach to create lasting and meaningful connections in the world around you.

You’ll gain insights about:

  • The impact of body language and energy;

  • The importance of intention and attention;

  • The strength that comes from alignment of your physical and verbal message.

Strengthen communication.

Build trust.

Hone leadership.

Power of Connection workshops are ideal for teams and groups of all kinds. It can be fit into various formats.

Contact us today so we can customize just the right program for your group.