Ireland Awaits


discover yourself on the emerald isle

Have you ever dreamed of riding in Ireland? Here’s your opportunity to do so with a small group of fun and competent horsewomen who share a sense of adventure, a love for horses and a desire to fill their hearts and souls with the magic of Ireland.

The Irish countryside offers a breathtaking array of rugged coastline, secluded beaches, rolling hills and country lanes.

We ride at a variety of speeds ~ mixing up long stretches of quiet walks with lively trots, plenty of cantering and the exhilarating delight of hoof-pounding gallops along the ocean-kissed sand!

We ride from B&B to B&B with stops at the local pubs, clip-clopping along, taking in the beautiful green palettes strewn with sheep, rock walls, cows, ancient peat bogs and a few donkeys!

As a horsewoman, you know the power horses have to transform your life. Add to this the sea air and the echoes of the ancient Celtic mysteries, and you’ve got one incredible trip.

There are so many things about this experience that are hard to beat! The Irish people are truly wonderful. The horses are some of the best in the world. The landscape, the food, the pubs, the well-worn saddlebags... it’s all fantastic and unforgettable.

If you do not enjoy posting the trot or following group trail riding etiquette, this is not the trip for you.


June 6-16, 2020

Donegal Trail Meets Ride-by-the-Sea. This trip features a unique combination of 3 Ride-by-the-Sea days and the Donegal Trail South 4-day ride. In between, we’ll soak in the relaxing and detoxifying North Atlantic seaweed baths. We’ll explore Sligo, Donegal, County Grange and complete our adventure with a celebratory last night in Dublin. This trip will be led by Christina Stinchcomb of Airy Hill Stables.

July 14-24, 2020

Donegal Trail South 7-Day Ride. Pack your saddle bags for 6 nights on the trail. You’ll see a wide range of scenery and ride the beautiful Donegal Bay beach. Visit the town of Donegal and bookend your trip in festive Dublin. This trip will be led by Joyce Cowfer of Unbridled Possibilities.

Cost for each of these 10-day trips is $3600. Includes 10 nights lodging, breakfasts, 7 days riding, all transportation within Ireland - as well as coaching and support from your trusted and highly experienced guides.

Testimonials from previous participants

“I truly want to thank you for what was nothing less than a life-altering and affirming trip to Ireland in 2019. I had longed dreamed of riding the shores of Ireland again. You two made that dream a reality. The vision of endless fields of blooming rhododendron – of mist coming off bogs and wetlands – the smell of leather and horse – all now memories cherished. So too are the bonds and friendships forged among eight women – all from different parts of the U.S., all from different backgrounds, and all forever linked as kindred spirits. You gave each of us the confidence to press on – and the encouragement to fulfill our intentions. For that, my deepest thanks!” ~Terri Z. Annapolis, MD, 2019

"The riding was arduous but immensely satisfying. The bond between riders grew and became truly inspirational and so fulfilling. The vistas were never ending as far as the eye could see. Cantering on the beach was exhilarating...Joyce and Christina brought the group together, helped tremendously with the horses and led us on a spiritual journey. The spiritual aspect of this trip adds to the fullness of the experience in ways unimaginable." ~Maureen C. Youngstown, OH, 2016

"Opportunity of a lifetime you deserve. Christina and Joyce offered a safe, fun adventure full of introspection, depth and freedom to explore ~ and what could be better than doing that on horseback? The horses were amazing and so was the journey. Thank you both for your wisdom and the many opportunities to grow and learn. Full of gratitude. " ~Lin L. Castlerock, CO, 2016

"Ireland is a magical land, experiencing it from the strong and supportive back of a kind and balanced draft will always be a lifelong treasured memory. Joyce and Christina deepen the experience with their connection to the horses, the riders and the land. It is much more that a trail ride, it's a soul quest."   ~Suzanne S. Las Vegas, NV, 2015