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What if there was another way...? Horses are far more intelligent, emotional, observant, and complicated than most people ever imagined. 

Join International Equine Behaviorist, Clinician, and Horsewoman, and graduates of the Reach Out to Horses program (including Christina from Airy Hill Stables) as they embark on a journey of Collaborative Horsemanship™. These ten students, Certified Trainers and Instructors, share incredible, life and paradigm-shifting experiences and how the adoption of this new methodology still impacts them to this day.

Find out what is truly possible when you let go of preconceived notions, open your heart and your mind to the power of compassionate, trust-based training, and allow your horse to be an equal partner. This collection of positive, poignant, and powerful stories will change how you see horses, yourself, and the world.