Airy Hill Stables

discover yourself on maryland’s eastern shore


Airy Hill Stables in an idyllic place to get away from the busy day to day noise and experience the gifts that horses have to share with us. Their powerful presence. Their mastery of living in the present moment. Their honest feedback and reflections of what they see when they look at us deep beneath our exteriors. There is so much to be gleaned from time with these powerful beings. Peace. Joy. Harmony. Connection. Adventure.

Everything we do here at Airy Hill Stables is designed to help people gain insights into themselves through their interactions with our amazing horses and coaches. We practice Compassionate Horsemanship as part of our every activity.

Our focus? Authentic relationships with horses and one another based on awareness, understanding and respect. As we practice the art of compassion with horses, we learn not only about how to connect more fully with them, but also with ourselves and the world around us.



The Farm

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
— Howard Thurman

Compassionate horsemanship

I used to think one had to be a natural born horse whisperer. Then I discovered that it is something that can be learned over time with a great deal of patience, the right mentors and a healthy dose of deep personal growth to go along with it.

My journey with horses has shaped who I am and has led me to my life's work: to share with others what horses can teach us. If we are willing to look deeply into our own hearts and souls - our patterns, beliefs and ways of being, we can gain powerful insights into ourselves. We can move from fear to love. From the old-school dominance based paradigm into a more awakened and cooperative based state of being. Here life can be full of joy and more rewarding connections, experiences and relationships.

Escaping Tradition: Discovering the Next Generation of Horsemanship

What if there was another way...? Horses are far more intelligent, emotional, observant, and complicated than most people ever imagined. 

Join International Equine Behaviorist, Clinician, and Horsewoman, and graduates of the Reach Out to Horses program (including Christina from Airy Hill Stables) as they embark on a journey of Collaborative Horsemanship™. These ten students, Certified Trainers and Instructors, share incredible, life and paradigm-shifting experiences and how the adoption of this new methodology still impacts them to this day.

Find out what is truly possible when you let go of preconceived notions, open your heart and your mind to the power of compassionate, trust-based training, and allow your horse to be an equal partner. This collection of positive, poignant, and powerful stories will change how you see horses, yourself, and the world.