A Supportive Environment

Where the pastures are plenty and the setting serene

Airy Hill Stables is a small and intimate horse farm in Chestertown, Maryland.

We specialize in creating an atmosphere that is relaxing and rewarding for both horses and humans to learn, grow and thrive.

The horses live in a natural and peaceful environment. They have lush green pastures with ample mature trees and run-in sheds where they can enjoy themselves in small groups of managed herds.  

We have an indoor arena and barns with large stalls and comfy bedding for those occasions that necessitate extra shelter and tender care.

We offer field board for everyone and retirement board for horses who are in their golden years. Here, they can be at ease in the beautiful surroundings with just enough happening to keep them entertained. We look after them as if they are our own. We manage your horse's care from the farrier to the vet. 

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